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Somehow, we human always do something that make none sense.
They lease their souls to they devil, and even be proud of it.
Because of the freedom, young people would do whatever they want,
Immoral, irrational.
Maybe they are rebellious to their parents?
I cannot be sarcastic to rebellion, because i used rebellious to my parents.
I could only say i didn't know what i was doing at that time.
everyone would be rebellious when they were young,
I guess my parents,my grandparents,even some great philosopher did that also.
But what i believe is, if you are rational, you would never ever do something rebellious that damage yourself.

Haven't written for a long time, my thought, my soul begain to languish.
I forgot how to use metaphor to express my cynical thought..
I love to write something that hard to understand
Because my words never for heartless,soulless and loveless people.